Beautiful 3D pop-up greeting cards that ignite your imagination!

Personalize your greetings by giving a card that makes a big impression and shows the recipient how much you care. With so many different designs to suit any occasion and interest, you will easily find one that makes your message truly stand out. An Intricate Greeting card will ensure that the thought will be appreciated long after it is received.

The details of every card are unique and interesting, they inspire wonder at how they are made. When someone receives an Intricate Greeting card which has been chosen to match their personality or interests, it has real meaning and heart. Because the cards are so beautiful, most people leave them open and on display for much longer than they would a traditional card.

We have a wide variety of designs so you are sure to find one suitable for your recipient, whether it is for a specific special celebration or just to let someone know you are thinking of them. For all of life’s occasions, you will surely find an Intricate Greeting card that will meet your needs!


About Us

We discovered intricate 3D paper pop-up greeting cards while on an international holiday and were amazed at their beauty, we hadn’t seen anything like them in Canada. We wanted to share them with our fellow Canadians and we now work closely with a fair trade manufacturer to bring you the highest quality, awe-inspiring pop-up cards at a reasonable price.

Intricate Greetings